Canada Report

Part 4.1:

Columbia Valley - Kootenay National Park

Our first encounter on the way to Kootenay National Park - a bighorn sheep doe, looking slightly mad.

Actually she and her baby just wanted to get some minerals before the long Canadian winter.

After passing the Sinclair Canyon one reaches the Kootenay River valley, which leads along the Kootenay National Park.

The park itself is located in British Columbia, boarding to Alberta.

Lots of wildlife is at home in Kootenay, for example white-tail deer.

One of the sightseeing points in Kootenay - Marble Canyon.

The canyon is named after the brilliant colour of its walls.

Limestone looks like marble.

The Marble Canyon Trail was closed after terrible brands in 2003 and 2004.

Nowadays the trail is open again.

So please don't miss this small geological jewel once you are around.

Golden-mantled ground squirrel at Marble Canyon.

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