Canada Report

Part 8:

Jasper National Park - Mount Robson Provincial Park - Wells Gray Provincial Park - Kamloops

Early in the morning: free jackal in a free land... Jasper National Park, Canada.

We started from Snaring River Campground and visited the beginning of the Maligne Canyon trail. The trail itself have to wait until our next visit to Canada - it was time for us to start our journey back home.

Leaving Jasper and feeling like crying... Mount Robson is in the picture below.

Farewell gift waited for us on some no-name parking at road #5.

Black bear!

It played with hay, showing no signs of feeling disturbed by the visitors ...

... until some "clever" tourists parked their car five meters away.

Black bear and the human signs.

Our next destination was Wells Gray Provincial Park - hidden jewel of Canadian nature. Don't miss it once you are around!

Helmcken Falls are located there - the most beautiful falls we have seen in Canada until now.

Lots of wildlife can be met there. Another black bear hushed across the road in front of our car, granting us no chance to make a picture of him. Here is a portrait of a graceful mule deer female instead.

Overlook from Green Mountain over Wells Gray-Clearwater volcanic field, with Pyramid Mountain in the distance.

Clearwater Lake in the distance. Wells Gray Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada. Planet Earth. Our Universe...

We reached Kamloops late in the night.

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