New Zealand Report

Part 13:

Queenstown - Arrowtown - Wanaka - Haast - Franz Josef Glacier

Breakfast at Starbucks' - same coffee house, different hemisphere.

Trail at Arrowtown: the Kiwi way.

Common Broom and Lupin - same plants, different hemisphere.

On the trail at Arrowtown.

Wanaka was already prepared for Christmas.

Puzzling World at Wanaka.

The path through the labyrinth is 1,5 Kilometer long.

Normal visitor runs something between 3,5 and 5 Kilometers.

On the way from Wanaka to Franz Josef Glacier.

Still on the way from Wanaka to Franz Josef Glacier: the road behind us.

Somewhere near Haast.

The longest one-way bridge on South Island. Approximately one-third of the bridge is visible on the picture.

Tasman Sea before sunset.

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