Canada Report

Part 5.1:

Kootenay National Park - Banff National Park

We left British Columbia and proceeded towards Alberta this morning. The famous Banff National Park was our next destination.

After the grizzly overshadowed night in the tent we were looking for a breakfast.  No, not at Starbucks's.

A Mountaineer's Breakfast was the right decision - bacon, eggs, mashed potatoes, pancakes with sirup and lots of coffee. M-mm...

7 per cent VAT make Town of Banff very attractive for souvenir hunters. I've bought me a ring with a grizzly bear on it.

Recreational area near Town of Banff.

Cascade Ponds are located north of the townside - it takes 6 minutes to drive there from the town centre.

Columbian ground squirrels are an easy catch for photographers.

Johnston Canyon, Alberta, Canada.

An easy trail follows the twists of Johnston Creek...

...along the gorges...

...with seven cascades.

We met a black crow on the trail - the symbol of wisdom...

...with some minor family problems.

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