Canada Report

Part 5.2:

Kootenay National Park - Banff National Park

Highways in Banff National Park are equipped with wildlife bridges and underground tunnels to let animals cross the road without being killed by cars. Deers and grizzlies use the bridges, black bears and mountain lions prefer the tunnels.

Rocky Mountains somewhere between Town of Banff and Lake Louise.

Clark's Nutcracker at parking in Lake Louise village.

This night we were accommodated in Lake Louise Campground - overcrowded and fenced in, with no grizzlies around.

The beautiful Lake Louise is named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, the fourth daugther of Queen Victoria.

The nearby Moraine Lake is located in The Valley of the Ten Peaks. It was featured on the older Canadian twenty dollar bills. One can really see why it was choosen... This is also one of the most photographed locations in Canada.

Golden-mantled ground squirrel at Moraine Lake Lodge.

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