Canada Report

Part 7.1:

Jasper National Park

Jasper Town in the morning.

Jasper Town - service for dogs.

Jasper Town - service for bears.

We wanted to stay one more day in Jasper National Park. Our next accomodation was not booked yet, so we went to the Snaring River Campground firstly to secure us a place to sleep for the next night. Not too early - we got one of the last vacancies there.

After that we proceeded north along the Icefields Parkway. Pocahontas Hamlet trail in Jasper National Park was our next destination.

Groups of bighorn sheep does with youngsters were grasing along the road.

Young Bighorn Sheep.

Lady Bighorn Sheep, sunbathing.

The beginning of the Pocahontas hamlet trail is pictured below. We found it the most boring trail we walked along in Canada.

Ruins of the miners village were presented there - we found it not really exciting. Here some catches on the trail - butterfly ...

... and mushrooms.

On the way back to Jasper Town we got stuck in a bighorn sheep jam.

They ignored the heavy traffic completely.

Absolutely no fear - this picture is not cropped.

Here, take a look ...

I wouldn't like to get in such troubles on my way to work ... 

... but for me as a tourist it was a fascinating experience. "Hey buddy, stay calm, it's not a suitable sparring partner for you!"

Bighorn sheep on the shore of Athabasca river, which flows along the Icefields Parkway.

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