Canada Report

Part 6.2:

Banff National Park - Jasper National Park

Sunwapta Falls at Icefields Parkway, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Athabasca Falls, located near Jasper Town.

We reached Patricia Lake Village near Jasper Town at the afternoon and checked in our bungalow.

After that we started towards Medicine and Maligne Lakes. This route is famous for wildlife encounters, and we were really lucky that day.

Male Wapiti, also known as Elk.

No need to prowl - drive-in wildlife photography.

Lady Moose.

Lady Mule Deer, named after its giant ears.

Hoary Marmot, dining.

Hoary Marmots gossiping...

...and kissing goodnight.

Wapiti buddies...


Maligne Lake at sunset.

Hoary Marmot on the shore of Medicine Lake at sunset.

Moose Lady in her swimming pool - Medicine Lake.

Wapiti Lady with her baby on the shore of Athabasca River.

Lawn-mower in Jasper Town.

Jasper reality - no need to drive out of town to meet some wildlife...

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