New Zealand Report

Part 8.2:

Aoraki / Mount Cook - Oamaru - Dunedin

We are still on the way to Oamaru.

One can spend some Kiwibucks and visit the Blue Penguin Colony in Oamaru. If one is a very, yeah really lucky hunter, one can shoot a blue penguin there.

And also get some cormorants for free...

Actually, lots of cormorants.

Flying in escadrilles.

One can also descend to the ocean shore...

... and shoot the cormorants from beneath. Be careful, lucky hunter, they can shoot back!

Some of cormorants can think differently, here is the proof:

This fur seal seemed to work on its Ph.D. already.

One can see some very rare yellow-eyed penguins in Oamaru.

Further one can continue a journey to Moeraki...

...and take a look at the famous Moeraki Boulders.

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