New Zealand Report

Part 9.1:

Dunedin - Otago Peninsula - Dunedin

We took a break and stayed in Dunedin for the next day. Dunedin was preparing for Christmas.

Dunedin is an old Schottish name for Edinburgh.

We went to Otago Peninsula and visited the Royal Albatross Center.

The birds were sitting on their nests or doing some exercises.

There were lots of other birds nesting, for example cormorants:

And when albatrosses took off into the sky...

... they were also not alone there.

This cormorant just wanted to keep its individuality.

To prevent nostalgia the Europeans brought some bird species from the old continent.

Who is this elegant and dynamic being?

It's our old friend fur seal, the philosopher. Here taking a rest on shore, cogitating.

Sometimes he tried to preach something to the tourists around him.

But most of the time he just felt resigned.

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