Canada Report

Part 6.1:

Banff National Park - Jasper National Park

"Good morning, dear tourists! Are you already awaken?"- some pretty moose lady at Bow Summit.
"Thanks, mylady, at least now we really are..."

Icefields Parkway lays between Lake Louise and Jasper Town - take a look at the beauty of moderate climate zone.

Crowfoot Glacier in the picture below. The third "lobe" of the "crowfoot" is melted away.

Icefields Parkway leads along the Continental Divide.

Mistaya River travels towards Atlantic Ocean, merging into the North Saskatchewan River at Saskatchewan River Crossing.

Gang of crow youngsters...

...halfway to Sunwapta Pass, 2055 meters.

Visitors centre at Athabasca Glacier.

Athabasca Glacier, part of the giant Columbia Icefield.

One can get there by special buses, designed for driving offroad and on ice.

Sunglasses and sunblocker are obligatory on the glacier.

Warm clothing is really helpful.

The tour can be bought at visitors centre and is very popular.

Older version of a snowmobile bus, no longer in usage.

After visiting Athabasca Glacier we proceeded along the Icefields Parkway.

Already in Jasper National Park - snow goats on the roadside.

They had absolutely no fear of human beings - this picture is not cropped at all.

Here, take a look...

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